The difference between Undergraduate and Masters Dissertations

 What is a dissertation? It is a project of the final year, which involves examining a subject and reviewing it from different perspectives. It is entirely different from other forms of assessments and assignment help.

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As a student, you will take the responsibility of producing a review, write about your research and in a discussion section discuss the outcomes.

At the Undergraduate Level

A dissertation at the undergraduate level is a formal piece of research and writing on a single subject. It is submitted at the end of final year of the degree program, and the topic is provided after viewing the student’s area of interest. At the end of the final year, an undergraduate student is given dissertation where he explores an area of knowledge in depth and manages a project from scratch to finish.

Some features

In the case of many undergraduate students, one of the highlights of the final year is an independent project. The projects may vary in scope, but the key elements are the same.

Nature of projects vary

The character of projects may differ from a dissertation to an extended essay. It is the learner who decides on the direction of their work.

Guidance from tutors

This work is carried by individual students with some occasional guidance from their teachers. The research part of project requires the gathering of primary data and the analysis of secondary data.

In depth engagement

The students will have an in depth engagement with the selected subject. The approach is way too different from that of the approach undertaken for regular assignments in the form of essays or reports.
Integration of various aspects
For your chosen topic, theories, methods, and methodologies will be drawn together which will have an influence on your subject. The best dissertations are the ones that can accomplish this integration work in an organized way.
At the Masters level
At the Masters level, the dissertation is submitted at the final stage. It provides you an opportunity to demonstrate the skills that you have gained to carry out a research project.
Formal nature
This is a document of formal nature, and numerous rules dictate the manner in which it is presented.
Several chapters
It must have several chapters that provide an introduction, a review of the literature, data selected for analysis must be justified, data analysis and ultimately followed by recommendations. If the subject is centering on an applied event, then suggestions for recommendation may also be necessary.
Range of topics
There may be a range of appropriate topics which may be relevant to the subject of your Masters degree. So approval of the program Director or course coordinator is necessary. Dissertation at this level calls for explanations, answers and makes an attempt to explain the why component. The best dissertations are the ones which are focused and precise in nature.
In depth study
The objectives are to place the theories and concepts picked up during the program into practice. It gives an opportunity to study the topic in details.
Conduct investigations independently
You have to provide evidence that you are capable of managing a project within deadlines. In the process, you combine different theories which are relevant to the topic and conduct independent investigations. You should demonstrate your ability to suggest alternatives after interaction with relevant specialists.
Comparative analysis
Let us make a comparative study about dissertations at the undergraduate and Masters level. Under both levels of dissertation, chapters are written involving the same type of information. The topic selected must be relevant and feasible.
Requirements regarding proposal
A proposal is not always required in case of undergraduate levels. For a masters dissertation, an in depth proposal is needed.
Overall instructions
The overall instructions are a bit demanding in masters compared to undergraduate level. Masters thesis calls for an extended amount of research compared to an undergraduate course.
Varying levels of writing
Quality wise, a higher standard of writing is expected at the Masters level. A Masters dissertation is comparatively longer than an undergraduate dissertation.
Varying levels of knowledge
Masters dissertations need to show knowledge above and beyond the undergraduate level and should attain depth beyond that covered in class. They should be presented in an appropriate academic style to make sure that the objectives of dissertation are fulfilled.
Differences in academic style
Academic style includes every aspect like the use of proper grammar, clarity of expressions, usage of citation and referencing and an organized approach to validation of theories. The dissertations should be presented in a suitable academic style so that the aims are expressed within the specified framework. A sophisticated academic style is required at masters level compared to the undergraduate course of study.
Supervision process
There is very little literature available on undergraduate dissertation supervision. Whatever it is available it fails to throw light on the entire experience from a supervisor’s point of view and also what measures are needed to be taken for the development of supervisors. Compared to that, there is a lot of literature available regarding supervision of postgraduate students. They are capable of throwing light on the approaches to understanding the supervisory experience and the measures for their efficient development.
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