College Degree – Is it Worthless?

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A student’s life can be demanding. Professional writers are provided by assignment service providers to get rid of all the worries you have and make sure that your projects are not only original but in minute details too. Universities can be a very challenging time for the students. Let us discuss some of the reasons why earning a college degree is worth it.

You will end up earning more

Earning a graduation degree is all about opening more opportunities in life. A degree prepares you socially through assignments for your career path and adult life. You can contact various agencies for my assignment help.  Everyone knows that non graduates earn much fewer salaries than the graduates. A degree helps in finding work in a similar field, which in turn leads to gaining of work experience and eventually enhancement of earning potential.

Degree holders from organizations attain stability

Based on surveys it is seen that the gap in salary between the graduates and non college graduates is widening year after year. On the whole, it is seen, that degree holders attain stability and overall a mental state of happiness. Many people are aware that to have stable jobs it is necessary to have an education from an institution. It leads to mental enrichment in all aspects of life.

Chances of having depression is reduced

The likelihood of depression is reduced to a great extent and the urge to exercise is enhanced. The chances of becoming obese or having obese children in future are reduced.

You will be more likely to retain your job

Despite the recent recession in the economy, graduates from reputed institutions are more likely to retain their jobs than their less educated batch mates. On top of that, these graduates find jobs faster than their non graduate mates. Since the likelihood of graduates earning more money and also finding employment in better-paying jobs, they are less likely to be affected by poverty.

You will be offered a retirement plan

Graduates from reputed institutions are more likely to be offered a retirement plan by the employers.

You will be more satisfied with your work

On an average, graduates are three times as happy when they voice their opinion regarding job satisfaction.

  • Students who did their majors in Science related subjects or Engineering or Business are more likely to find jobs which are closely associated with their field of study.
  • More than seventy percent of the graduates from college are of the opinion that their current jobs are somewhat related to their respective field of study.
  • More than half of graduates from institutions said their current job is very closely associated with their major.

Your time and money spent are worth it

Graduates at both public and private sector agree that it is wise decision to invest in college education. Surveys have shown that the return on investments has remained steady at around fifteen percent over the past years. The rates of returns were higher in the field of studies for majors requiring quantitative skills like engineering and mathematics. The rates of returns were also higher in fields with majors in business and medicine and allied disciplines. According to the study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank for an average person, investing in college education is always a prudent decision.

Your training will be more attractive to employers

Apart from field training, college education needs organizational skills, analytical capacity, critical thinking and the capability to complete a project from start to finish. All these skills open the doors for finding employment in a flexible range of sectors. College degree ensures more job opportunities and chances of upward mobility.

College degree aids in decision making

College graduates possess team player attitude and a solid education base encourages them in vital decision making. Take aid from agencies to meet deadlines by requesting them to write me an assignment. Their communication skills and a sense of discipline in a hard core professional environment help them to survive in the highly competitive commercial world of today.

Helps in building network

Do not underestimate the value of networks. Attending a college especially an accredited college will help you in establishing network with fellow batch mates. In the professional world of today socializing with peers is the new mantra. Socializing leads to creation of more job opportunities along with a good support network.

You and your family will be benefited

Earning a college degree allows opportunities which results in better financial benefits. They also provide health care, retirement and travel. So apart from a take home salary, it extends to health care. Families of college students have been seen to be better off economically. Having a college degree causes lowering the rate of unemployment and as a result poverty rates decline. Parents with degrees are more likely to participate in reading out to their kids and they will definitely encourage higher education of their children.

Secured future

Graduates are reaping the benefits by attending colleges. It is a good investment decision. Their own children will be encouraged to attend college and they will have a secure future just like their parents. There will be fewer chances of them living below the poverty line.

Graduates have a thorough understanding of responsibilities

Apart from developing a depth of knowledge in their respective field of study, graduates have a thorough understanding of different responsibilities through assignments which influence their everyday existence. You can avoid the stress of assignments by contacting my assignment help for guidance. The ability to understand the important contracts, the market influence and managing personal and family finances are done by college graduates who definitely have a better understanding than the non graduates.

Better equipped to handle adverse situations

Graduates of college can handle adverse situations better. Even when the economy is showing recession, they are in a position to handle harsh situation. Those with college education can become more empowered and take control of their lives. You will also see indirect financial advantages. Earning more money means been able to meet all your financial obligations especially the bills. Paying bills on time will increase your credit worthiness and will help you in avoiding debt. College education creates a sense of self worth. You will not have to worry about my assignment help since you will be matured enough to handle such a situation. Visit us at to know more.