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You need information for your research paper. Taking assignment help is one of the options.If you seek professional assistance, you can be sure on one count.

Assignment help -Plagiarism Mistake

Assignment help -Plagiarism Mistake

You will never be provided with a plagiarized piece. Despite seeking assistance, you need to sharpen your writing skill, as well. Above all, you should know how to steer clear of plagiarism. If you copy the idea used in another’s content, you should not put it down as your own idea.

Plagiarism leads to serious fallouts

It all boils down to creating a positive impression. In your case, you should impress your teacher with the write-up that you are required to submit. But if you make plagiarism mistakes, your grade, for that matter your score is going to get affected. If you take information from books, web pages, portals, articles, videos, and the social networking sites, you should acknowledge the source. Always bear in your mind that plagiarism can lead to serious consequences. You not only run the risk of scoring low and getting an F grade, but it can also hamper progress in your academic career.

Read the sample writing and practice

If you run out of ideas and inputs, you can seek the guidance of the assignment help. You can go through the sample contents. In that way, you will come to know how to maintain originality and creativity in writing. As said previously, you must develop the skill of writing using your own original words. That comes with practice.  But as you sharpen your skill-set, keep the following points in your mind as these will help you to avoid plagiarism issues.

  • Paraphrase the information which you have collected

You have a research paper to submit. You are running short of time. So, you have sought the intervention of the Fast Assignment Help. Another option is to do the exercise, by yourself. Whatever be the source, if you copy more than a couple of words, and follow the exact word order given in the original text, you will be committing a plagiarism mistake. The question is what is the way out? You have to read the text, understand its core content and write it out using your own words and language. After reading the text, think creatively and reflect meaningfully. Then, you will surely be able to use your own original words.

  • Use quotation when you have to copy

There may be an occasion where you need to copy a couple or more words. Even if you follow the exact word order, never pass that off as your own usage. Instead, use the quotation mark. If you go through the model essays of the Fast Assignment Help, you will find that the writer is particular about using the marks of quotation.  If you are quoting from a source, never twist or turn the information provided. Write the quote out, precisely the way in which it has been penned down in the original source. There is another aspect to remember, in this context. While writing academic essays, you can use quotes, with quotation marks. But don’t use them too often. See that you don’t use more than forty to fifty words, as quotes. On the contrary, you should know how to paraphrase the actual information. Paraphrasing fetches better marks than using quoted sentences or information.

  • Cite properly

Your college professor will surely provide you with the formatting guidelines. Even, you will know the text formatting guideline that your educational institution adopts. APA , MLA and Chicago-based guidelines are most common. Make sure that you comply with the guidelines provided. By citing where you pinpoint the name of the author and publication-related information, you avoid plagiarism. The reader also gets a hang of your integrity and gets a definite feel that you are not interested in plagiarism.

  • Use paraphrased material appropriately

It is one thing to use quotations, but the proposition turns out to be different when you seek to quote a paraphrased content. While preparing your academic essay, you may be referring to quite a few web-based contents. Now, if you find materials that relate to the theme of your research paper, how should you use them? One of the options, is to use your creativity and write out the content using own words and language. But if you seek to lift the information provided in the web portal, you should give the number, for that matter, the stanza number of the web content.

  • Citing yourself is necessary

If you use inputs which you had previously used while writing a research paper, you have to make it clear that you are building upon references that you had used in the past, at a previous level. Just as you have to cite the sources of quotations and paraphrased materials, similarly, if you use materials that were used in the past, the reader should know how and in what you used the inputs, in the past. Citing yourself shouldn’t be overlooked. That’s because if the professor finds out that you have merely built upon the previously used materials, you stand the chance of being penalized.

  • Don’t forget to highlight references

The process is called referencing. After you have completed your academic write-up, you must line up a page for referencing. The page should be worked out in such a way that it complies with the text formatting principles. You already know that you have to stick to any one of the standard formats. In the reference, you have to pinpoint the precise sources from which you have gathered information. You have to include the authors’ name, publication date and in the case of web contents, you have to highlight the link or the page number. By following up your text with a reference, you not only avoid plagiarism but also establish your honesty and transparency, as a writer.

Develop the skill

Writing is a skill that helps you to communicate effectively.  You should feel free to express your way of thinking, even if you have an academically significant research paper to present. If you develop that skill, you will know how to use and interpret the source material, in your way, and this prospect, in turn, will help you to overcome plagiarism-related issues. For writing texts which are plagiarism-free, it pays to bank on the insightful guidance of the assignment help team.