Assignment Assistance – How to improve spelling while writing

If you are doing homework but you are not good at spellings, then you need Assignment Assistance.

assignment assistance

assignment assistance

Not many students concentrate on this sensitive issue of spellings. This causes a lot of problem when you grow up and start working. To improve spellings we have made a special tutorials to provide assignment assistance to the students.

The Procedure to provide Assignment assistance to  Improve the spelling of the words is as follows:

  1. First, you should dictate the child a paragraph or an article so as to identify the type of words the child faces problems in while writing.
  2. While providing assignment assistance, you should make sure that there is no material for the student to cheat. This dictation needs to be genuine so as to make way for improvement.
  3. Then after finding the words in which a student faces problems, you need to make a list and loudly call them for him/her for the spellings, after that make him write the individual words on a piece of paper. This will always remind him of the words in which he faced problems while writing.
  4. Then make him read the words loud and clear a couple of times. This will make you easy to understand about the pronunciation and how to relate the misspelled words with pronunciation.
  5. Then again dictate the student the paragraph to make it easier for him to improve his mistakes while writing.

If the students work on computer/laptop or mobile, then using the auto spelling correction feature will spoil the situation even more. Try to avoid writing there or from using the auto-correction tool/software while working.

The current generation is facing a lot of problems with grammatical errors and spelling which wasn’t the issue when everyone used to write on paper. But now there are many softwares and devices to use, this has affected the reading and writing capability of the students.

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